Welcome to the new Learning that LASTS website! This website has been created as a meeting point where the Learning that LASTS community can share ideas, find resources, seek answers…

The LtL workshop is an intensive course for people who want to improve their teaching skills for adult learners of various cultures, learning styles, experiences, and educational backgrounds. It is based on the work of teachers such as Jane Vella, Roland Walker, Paulo Freire, Malcolm Knowles and Kurt Lewin. We have adapted their work to take into account the kind of teaching Jesus did and how He made disciples. By now, more than 4000 people have taken part in this workshop all over the world in more than ten languages. (These languages are Malayalam, Bangla, English, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Quechua, Spanish, Subanen and Tagalog; a course in Hindi is currently being prepared.) Numerous follow-up workshops have focused on advanced topics and curriculum design for a great variety of learners and subject matters.

On this site you will see occasional blog posts and news items. You will also find excerpts from various LtL curricula in several languages; you can request more details through the Contact Us form on each curriculum page. One page is reserved for articles about adult learning. We also have a discussion page. Finally, there is a Calendar page where you can list or find past and upcoming LtL events worldwide. We invite your thoughts, contributions and updates to all of the above. This is YOUR site; use it, and let’s learn from each other.

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